I thouuggghhttt so. Some days the marketing overwhelm is too much, huh? There’s a bajillion resources and peeps out there telling you what to do and how to do it. And you know posting just to Instagram once or twice a week when you get the energy up & remember really isn't enough, right?

With a strategy, plan, and content created truly for you and just you, I’ll help you get on your way to the land of marketing bliss (that means more growth, more sales, and less head against the wall moments).

I believe full heartedly in your business and in you. I know you're a badass. Let's start exclaiming that instead of just oozing it out every once in a while. Each of my services below is created to help you in very specific areas of your biz: Full Service (most popular!), Photography & Content Creation, and Creative Consulting.

Take a read below and when you're ready to reach out and get the convo going, send me an email. I'll do a little happy dance when I receive your note and then will probably respond with two or three more exclamation marks than necessary. You've been warned (!!!).




Good content drives sales, and a solid content strategy can live for years. The full service package is crafted to take complete care of your content creation, social media and digital marketing needs. With a monthly photoshoot and the daily management of your social media channels, the Full Service package is the simplest way to make sure your social marketing is done thoroughly, consistently and in-line with your brand. You can get back to wearing the 10 (or 24, or 38, you get my drift) other hats your business requires you to wear & leave your marketing in the trusted hands of a (super cool and awesomely nice, if I do say so myself) professional.


Want more info on the Full Service package? Send me an email & I’ll get you all the deets.


Let's think about this for a sec... Everything you see online, on Instagram, on a website, on a blog, on Pinterest (need I go on?) is a photo or a graphic of some kind. Every single thing. The ones stopping you in your tracks? They're photos that truly capture the spirit of that brand or product, they're high quality images that get your attention. Together through photography, we will tell your story in a fresh and true-to-you way, providing you with a wealth of photos for your website, social channels & print materials. Content creation has never been so fun or easy. I mean really, this is FUN.


Shoot me an email to schedule your photoshoot STAT!


Designed to help you thrive through the confusing and cloudy waters of marketing your business with someone right by your side, Creative Consulting is your go-to source for creating a digital marketing plan that gets you excited about marketing again - and is something you'll actually stick to. We'll dive into your brand together and create a quarterly marketing plan that has you seeing results, feeling in control, and actually executing those big ideas of yours. Available as a full day, in person intensive (ATX area only & stinkin' groovy as heck) or a 4 week remote coaching program, Creative Consulting is for the small biz go-getter who needs a bit of guidance, clarity, and accountability from a pro to get going in the right direction. No more googling and trying to piece together a million blog posts. All together now: "woohoooo, this sounds perfect!"


Lovely jubbly, right? Email me to get all the details on Creative Consulting & how it’ll work for you.


You know that feeling when you're little, starting a new school, and you're looking around the lunch room like "This is scary. Where do I go?" Well sometimes trying to market your business can feel that exact same way, big bug eyes of bewilderment and all. I'm here to wipe that confused look off your pretty little face with my tried, tested and true solutions to self marketing your business. Soon you'll be able to purchase my exact, step by step marketing and content creation processes and guides, but in the meantime (meaning while I finish up the details of the VHC Shop), find my most trusted resources, how I create month's worth of content at a time, how I manage numerous clients without losing my sanity or burning out, content calendar guides and more, over in the Resource Library. I've never been a big fan of secrets, so here you go, all laid out for ya!


Guide me, please! Take me to the Resource Library.


let's get to work.


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