The Key to Creating Content Your Instagram Followers Actually Want

Oh, Instagram.

It’s no secret - we’re all pretty addicted to that colorful little app on our phones.

And, with good reason (well, er, give or take some).

As a small business, Instagram can be your very best marketing tool to date.

But I believe there’s one big secret to “success” on the platform. And it has almost nothing to do with you (almost being the key word here, babycakes).

Let’s think about it like this: Instagram is quite similar to a cocktail party. No one really wants to be cornered by the girl who only talks about herself the entire time, right?

But the girl who’s cracking strangers up with her witty jokes or telling her new friends how and where to score the best sushi in town? Everyone loves her. She’s inspiring, she’s fun, she’s giving. She’s contagious.

Instagram is the most fun cocktail party of the marketing world.

Or if booze cruises are more your style, it’s the most fun booze cruise you’ve ever been on. No judgement to your party preference over here, my friend.

If you wanna get jiggy with it on Instagram and actually attract followers that will love the heck out of your moves (and by moves I mean business, products, or services), you need to know - and focus on - this one simple thing.

When working with my clientfriends to manage their marketing and strategies, I focus on this one simple belief.

The way that we approach Instagram makes the difference between mere vanity metric followers and followers who show up to dance with you on the reg (i.e. - buy your awesome stuff).

This belief and strategy is how I’ve helped one clientfriend grow her business to over six figures with just 2.5k followers on this shiny little platform, and how I’ve helped another grow her business to well beyond 7 figs. Yeah, I just said figs. Pass the fruit and cheese platter, please!

This specific approach is the only way to cultivate an audience of incredibly loyal and eager customers who actually purchase, and who stick around and who also tell their aunt Sally and their cousin Sue about you.

Now fun fact - I’ve never given away any downloadables before because I strongly despise fluff, and I don’t want to waste your time or my time with some fluffy mediocre PDF, but I stand behind this philosophy so strongly that I’m finally sharing it with you fo’ freeeeee!

Because I KNOW that when you start to approach your marketing this way, it makes all the difference in the world.

Grab the downloadable PDF below and start learning this new framework to approaching Instagram before you compose even one more post.

Just don’t forget to put your party hat on. Cheers!