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Content on content on content. So many things to write…What to even say all of the time? Algorithms. Strategy? What strategy? Photos, photos, photos.

Phhheww-weeee, your marketing these days needs a lot of attention.


And some days - actually, most days - the marketing overwhelm is too much, huh? There’s a bajillion resources and peeps out there telling you what to do and how to do it.

And oh snapdragon! Between the fulfillment and the orders and the production, you forgot to post to Instagram again. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

And maybe tomorrow you’ll also get around to creating that ooother marketing content you’ve been putting off and perhaps you’ll even put together that newsletter to go out. Maybe.

But, in the name of love here, let’s be honest. You probably won’t.

And it’s not because your intentions aren’t as pure as a goldendoodle puppy’s, or because the hunger to grow your biz isn’t there, but because goodness gracious there’s a whole heck of a lot to do. I know. We get it.

But, hang on, hold up, hold the phone. Turn on some Lizzo (or Tom Petty if you’re more of a TP kind of lady, like myself), feel the good vibes, and do your own happy dance... 

‘Cause we’re about to fix all of that.


With a strategy, plan, and content created truly for you and just you, I’ll help you get on your way to the land of marketing bliss (that means more growth, more sales, and less head against the wall moments).


the backbone of this whole shebang

aka how we’ll help you go from chaos to peace





The full monty, all the things you need each month, the Full-Service package takes complete care of your marketing every single day. With an in-depth strategy, a monthly photoshoot, Instagram + Stories content planning, scheduling, and copywriting, Pinterest management, and email marketing, this is the whole kitchen sink (and then some) and the easiest way to ensure your marketing is actually executed each month AND executed dang well. Hal-le-lu-jah!

Social Whisperer

Because sometimes you just need a social whisperer by your side. The Social Whisperer package takes care of your strategy, monthly photography, Instagram copywriting & scheduling, and email marketing for you. Saaaaa-weeeet!

Photography + Copywriting

Outside of our ongoing monthly clientfriends, we take on a select number of photography + copywriting projects each year. Shoot over an email for more details and availability.

Creative Strategy

This is exactly what I wish I had for my own business, a couple of times a year. Created to help you thrive through the confusing world of marketing your business with someone right by your side, Creative Strategy is your go-to source for creating a digital marketing plan + strategy that gets you excited about marketing again - and is something you'll actually stick to.

We'll dive into your brand together & create one big bad-a digital marketing strategy AND a daily quarterly marketing plan that has you seeing results, feeling in control, and actually executing those big ideas of yours.

Available as a full day, in person intensive (ATX area only & stinkin' groovy as heck) or a 4 week remote program, Creative Strategy is for the small biz go-getter who needs a bit of guidance, clarity, and accountability from a pro to get going in the right direction. No more googling and trying to piece together a million blog posts. All together now: "woohoooo, this sounds perfect!"

Belle & Union Co. for Verb House Creative

You ready or what, my lady?! Send over an email for more package details and availability, or fill out the contact form here. We’re standing by ready to do our happy dances!


let's get to work.


to get this show on the road.